East Bay Pilates Instructors

If you are looking to find Pilates instructors here in the East Bay Area, who are part of a global network of well-respected Pilates teachers and who have a direct connection to the original Pilates teacher, Joseph Pilates himself, then your search is over!

As Faye says, it isn't enough to have learned the names of exercises and describe their form; It is our responsibility as instructors to understand the nuanced purpose behind each Pilates exercise, their countless variations, and how they flow from one to the next. We must have a working knowledge of the body's skeletal and muscular structure, how to recognise your particular body's limits, and how to focus your Pilates workout on those areas that will do your body the most good.

Not all certified Pilates instructors undergo the same training.  Each instructor in our Emeryville studio sought out a program of certification which had a direct lineage to the original Pilates instructors:  Joe and Clara Pilates.

Beyond their original course of study, Pilates instructors at East Bay Pilates regularly engage in ongoing training.  Every member of our studio’s Pilates community is considered a lifetime learner, certified Pilates instructors and students alike. Visit our highly skilled instructors’ individual pages to learn more about each of them, and then get in touch to meet us in person.  We look forward to working with you!

Our Certified Pilates Instructors

Faye Stevenson

Owner, Expert Certified Instructor



Anouk Bosmans

Certified Instructor


Marta Serra Martí

Certified Instructor



Other Instructors

If you're a classically trained PIlates instructor, and looking to work in a studio dedicated to truly transforming lives through Pilates, get in touch! :)