Certified Pilates Instructor: Anouk Bosmans

  • A tenacious investigator, Anouk’s first study of Pilates came via a library book when she was a teenager.  Having heard that Madonna practiced Pilates, she was determined to learn more.
  • Anouk was well  established in her first career as an engineer, when she took her first lesson in 2009 and found a brilliant counterpoint to her running routine in Pilates.
  • She started teaching mat classes in Belgium 2014.
  • She completed the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training in 2018.  It’s worth noting that she was pregnant with her second child in the midst of her apprenticeship - Anouk knows the great balancing act of life very well!

In Anouk's Own Words

“In every session I strive to give my clients an invigorating workout balanced with a touch of good humor - hard work comes easier with a lighthearted state of mind!  I live a fast paced life full of switches in roles as a mom, home hearth keeper, Pilates instructor, and outdoor enthusiast.  (Interesting fact: having spent most of my life in Belgium, you will never hear me complain about the California weather.) Pilates keeps me integrated on a whole body level so that I can enjoy everyday to the fullest.  I love to help my clients embrace their various passions simply by supporting them in being strong in their centers.”

— Anouk Bosmans