Duet and Trio Classes

Once you feel comfortable with the foundational principles of Pilates training, you will probably also feel ready to work alongside one or two other students.

Duet Classes

Working with a partner can keep you motivated and engaged.  While you will always have the support of your instructor, you will need to know how to maintain body control for your safety and optimal results.  Duet classes are the first step in developing the skill of working more independently  since the instructor’s attention is divided between two people.  Taking this initial step toward independence sets you on a course to fully embody the method.

Trio Classes

Our goal in trio classes is to keep every body in safe and productive motion.  When you participate in a trio class, you are at once responsible for keeping in step with the group and helped by the group in doing so.  The steady flow of a Pilates workout requires that you are continually moving in coordination through your center.

Duet and Trio classes are available after clients have had a minimum of three solo sessions at East Bay Pilates. For new clients, see our starter packages.


  • Duets: $73/class
  • Trios: $55/class
  • Discounts when purchasing multiple classes

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