Certified Pilates Instructor: Marta Serra Martí

  • Marta’s first Pilates experience came in 2010 when she was “a body” for Clara Blanco who was taking her test to complete her certification.
  • For a dancer and a mover with such a wide scope of experience, Pilates was a natural fit and it wasn’t long before she completed her Mat Training with Power Pilates in 2011.
  • Amidst many life changes, she stayed the course and eventually finished her Power Pilates Comprehensive Training in 2016, beginning to teach at the same time.
  • Pilates has given Marta a tool for mental focus and calm in the midst of her busy life as a performer, choreographer, and teacher of various dance forms from the traditions centered around the Middle East.

In Marta's Own Words

“My movement training began in Barcelona when I was just four years old.  Eventually I developed a passionate love of dances and various movement forms from the Middle East - so much so that it has become my way of life.  I love the challenge of Pilates training, that the work is beautiful and invigorating at the same time.  I teach with energy and enthusiasm because that makes the workout much more accessible and gives my clients the results they are after - to look good and to feel good.  Seeing my clients improve with every lesson, gives me great satisfaction and motivation to keep learning.”

— Marta Serra Martí